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NIOS conducts its main exams twice every year hence becoming a boon specially for the failed students of other recognised boards who can reappear in their board exams within 3 months of their result and Also gives a possibility of carrying forward the marks of the passed subjects from the failed marksheet of the student.

The main advantage of passing secondary (10th) or senior secondary (12th) through NIOS instead of reappearing in that same board exam which you failed earlier is that it saves you a year in your education. Also it has another examination schedule under STREAM 3 & 4 which gives candidates a chance to reappear, under these streams exams are conducted every month except in the month of Oct-Nov & Mar-April, hence conducting exams 8 times a year excluding the two main exams. Another thing which makes Nios more important is that all its documents have Govt. of India printed On it, which gives it more genuinity .

If any university/institution objects in taking admission of a NIOS passed students then it is directly challenging the Ministry of Human Resource and development, government of India as the university is passed through a resolution (No. F.5-24/90 Sch.3 dated 14 September 1990 published in the Gazette of India on 20 October 1990). In the present PERCENTILE scenario of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) NIOS has the most competitive percentile score among national boards and provides a great benefit to the Aspirants of IIT-JEE .

How to Pass from NIOS Board in Class 10th & 12th ?

There are so many students who are good in one subject but poor in others which results to FAIL in final exams. In NIOS, you can appear for few subjects in first half of the year and for the remaining subject next half of the session. In this way students can pass a simple subject and a difficult subject first and then pass the remaining subjects later. If someone has failed in class 9 or 11 and wants to take the class 10th or 11th exam without class again then NIOS is the best option for them.

NIOS Secondary Level (10th)

Please be very very careful while you select subjects for 12th NIOS examination. Many tuition or coaching classes OR Agents are found misguiding the parents and students. Normally they fill up the form without asking your choice and students ultimately fail even in NIOS.

It is our humble request to consult Nios Coaching CenterĀ  for right advice. We advise for subjects on the basis of student’s learning capacity, interest, future plan for study, financial condition etc.

Senior Secondary Course

This Course is designed for those who have passed the Xth standard or equivalent examination from a recognised Board and would like to continue their education towards a Senior Secondary Certification, equivalent to XII standard.

Your can choose subjects from the Scheme of Studies given in Table. However, you will be required to successfully complete a minimum of five subjects with atleast one language or atmost two languages, which is compulsory for Certification.

Scheme of Studies

The Scheme of Studies for Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses is shown in Table-1. For obtaining a pass certificate, you are required to pass in a minimum of five subjects including one or maximum of two languages from Group ‘A’ and other three or four subjects from other Group. However, you are free to take upto two additional subjects. Thus, in all you can choose a maximum of seven subjects.

  • Five Subjects with atleast one language or atmost two languages.
  • Minimum of five subjects.
  • Two additional subject can also be taken.
  • The Learners are however advised to select the subjects as per their future plan of study and work.